Holocaust Resource Center

The HRC is the first and only Holocaust Resource Center in Fairfield County.

We are living under an alarming threat of Holocaust denial and distortion. The HRC will combat this attempted erasure by actively honoring the history and legacy of the Holocaust survivors of the Greater Fairfield County community by documenting and preserving their stories. Most importantly, the HRC will educate current and future generations to become the “history-tellers” of our community and to share this critical legacy.

The HRC provides comprehensive resourcesthat foster meaningful research and promote active dialogue to teach and honor the history, eyewitness accounts, and lessons of the Holocaust and to ensure that our local survivors, their families, and millions of other victims will never be forgotten. The HRC collaborates with local, state, and national partners to provide information, events, testimony, exhibits, museum visits, speakers, authors, and community programs designed to reinforce ongoing Holocaust education and ensure that the stories left behind are safeguarded as our stories.

The Holocaust Resource Center will honor the memory of the Holocaust victims and survivors, share valuable lessons from history, and build a more compassionate and just society for all.

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  • Combat Holocaust denial and distortion through education
  • Highlight and share students’ most impactful insights
  • Provide training and opportunities for Holocaust survivors and 2nd– and 3rd-generation Holocaust survivors (2Gs & 3Gs) to share their stories
  • Partner with local synagogues and agencies for exhibits, speakers, and programs
  • Showcase films and talkbacks about local survivors and their descendants
  • Provide a library of published books on local survivors
  • Digitize HRC’s collection of Holocaust survivor testimonies
  • Create the HRC Speakers’ Bureau, a venue to share family stories
  • Implement The Memoir Project with 2Gs & 3Gs to tell their family stories


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