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Experience the Civil Rights Journey Through a Jewish Lens

Travel to Atlanta, Georgia as well as Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham, Alabama to better understand the movements that paved the way for our efforts to help build a just and equitable world.

Learn more about the leaders who fought against discrimination and injustice and the events that helped shape our nation.

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Experience exciting adventures and cultural discoveries in Jewish communities across the globe. On a Jewish Federation mission, you’ll get exclusive, insider access to community leaders, area experts and political personalities. Each trip has a unique sense of purpose, deepening your connection to Jewish identity while expanding your world.

Exciting Upcoming Travel

JFNA FRD Leadership Mission
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
July 15-21, 2024

With more than 120,000 Jews, is the tenth largest Jewish community in the world and second
largest in Latin America. A community that goes back to the earliest days of European exploration, it is now home to a diverse Jewish community with multiple synagogues and Jewish organizations to serve its Jewish population.

In addition to opportunities to engage with the local Jewish community, a Federation mission to Rio De Janeiro will allow participants to delve into major issues facing this community and the global Jewish community, featuring high levels speakers and site visits.

The experience will include contemporary issues such as Israel engagement and education opportunities that connect Brazilian Jews with the worldwide Jewish community.

The mission is open to anyone who gives to the Annual Campaign.

JFNA King David Society Mission
Arab Emirates
January 22-28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a national mission to the United Arab Emirates. The signing of the Abraham Accords, Israel’s establishment of diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, marked the first instance of Arab-Israeli normalization since 1994, when the Israel-Jordan peace treaty came into effect changed the course of Jewish life in the United Arab Emirates, the region, and potentially the world. There was a long path leading to this historic outcome – and the UAE’s Jewish community has been at the heart of it.

A small number of Jews had been coming to the UAE for decades, for the most part, leading very private lives. The community, as we now know it, began to meet informally in 2008, when a few families first found each other and started gathering for Shabbat and other holidays. They met in secret, aware of the sensitivities of the country and region. Over time, contact and relationships were established with some government officials and the community has continued to grow. The first new Jewish community in the heart of the Arab world in centuries is now an important destination for Jewish organizations and delegation visits.

This mission is open to donors at the King David Society and above. King David Society is a national recognition society for those donors who support their local campaigns with a minimum gift of $25,000.

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