Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Center Afula

The Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Center, located in Afula, is an oasis of caring and stability for some of Israel’s most needy children. The Center, a residential and afterschool therapeutic day care facility, provides shelter and therapy for more than 180 children at risk aged 5-18, many of whom may no longer live in homes with their families and instead reside in group housing on the Center’s campus. The Emunah Center’s main goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment - enabling children to overcome past traumas and offer them hope for a better future. It provides children and their families a wide range of activities and therapies, educational support and parental guidance. Many of the children suffer from learning disabilities, emotional problems and challenging behavior and struggle with depression, rejection, anger and violence. For many, the Sarah Herzog Children’s Center is the only stable and safe home that they have ever known.